Should you repair or replace your valves?

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IVS’s valve services are designed to help UK industrial companies manage rising costs by extending the life of their assets.

Given the choice of ‘repair or replace’, the repair option is generally the most cost-effective as well as being the most environmentally friendly.

Whilst IVS has vast experience and expertise in repairing valves, we recognise when replacements are necessary and offer an extensive range of new valves. We’re always available to advise customers and help them make the right choice - there are several factors to consider:


Industrial valves represent a significant investment which companies should always look to maximise – this is one of IVS’s primary aims.

The costs of a new valve can be even more substantial once overseas shipping, lead times, associated downtime and disruption is taken into consideration, whilst a repair can often be completed in a matter of days and sometimes just a few hours.

For some industrial valves, actually being able to source a replacement can be the key consideration. IVS regularly overhauls industrial valves that have already seen more than 50 years’ service. There is no off-the-shelf replacement available and our input ensures they’re fit for many more decades to come.

Sourcing parts can also prove problematic and when this issue arises, IVS can call on its in-house reverse engineering capability to create like-for-like parts quickly and economically.

Age and history

A valve’s age isn’t necessarily the main issue. It’s often about condition and its performance history, and IVS’s technicians will always study the data as part of our repair and overhaul processes.

A poorly-performing valve that has needed attention or repair more frequently than the standard maintenance schedule may warrant a replacement.

Similarly, a badly-damaged valve may also be a candidate for disposal and whilst the extent of any damage may not be immediately obvious, it will always be picked up in the initial inspection stages.

Quality and reliability

Whilst a valve’s reliability is paramount, so is the dependability of the technicians who attend to it. Poor repairs can prove disastrous, which is why it’s critical to use a company with the required levels of expertise. IVS’s technicians are all OEM trained and certified, our processes quality assured and our testing carried out to recognised industry standards.

Close relationships with OEMs are also important and IVS’s close ties, developed since 1981, ensure a streamlined supply of new valves and parts. We’re one of the few valve companies to be awarded Emerson Authorized Provider status.

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