Refinery Turnaround Management

IVS managed a successful four-week turnaround programme at one of the UK’s principal oil refineries.


At one of the UK’s principal oil refineries, with a capacity of 296,000 barrels per day, our turnaround management team supported the client in overhauling 74 valves ranging from:

  • 3/4” to 8” Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs) & Safety Relief Valves (SRVs)
  • 18” to 30” Non-return valves (NRVs)
  • 30” Plug and Wedge-gate valves
  • 12” to 30” Gate valves

Ahead of the start date, IVS worked closely with the client to identify the valves and ensure capacity and resource was allocated appropriately prior to the valves arriving.

At each stage, the project team remained in constant communication with the customer.

Our approach ensured that all deadlines were met (with many batches delivered early) and that significant value was added to the overall turnaround.

Quality | Compliance

Each valve received at IVS Ltd goes through our stringent quality process which aligns to IVS’s ISO 9001:2105

Traceability | Accuracy

The valves received are put through the following process:

  • IVS Ltd job book
  • Independent tag number generated
  • Quality sheet/job travel card created
  • Valves stripped and inspected
  • QS form completed and evaluated
  • Overhaul process begins
  • Re-build
  • Inspect, test and certify

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