In-situ relief valve testing

IVS's field technicians can test pressure safety relief valves in-situ without the need for disruptive and costly dismantling and downtime.

Guarding against the danger of failure and ensuring valves operate with maximum efficiency, our high-tech equipment carries out precise in-situ testing while the valve is online.

The test data identifies valves that can be re-set while remaining in service, with only those needing adjustment or service having to be removed.

IVS’s test can be conducted on all types and brands of Safety Relief Valves (SRVs) and Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs) with a suitable spindle connection. The system provides accurate digital readings that form part of each valve’s documented history.

Testing is carried out throughout the UK by IVS's fully-qualified technicians.

Benefits of IVS's in-situ testing

  • Improved safety and efficiency from correctly functioning valves

  • Compliance with relevant safety and performance criteria

  • Increased productivity with valves remaining in service for longer

  • Financial savings with issues detected earlier and no extra costs of removing valves for bench testing

  • Typically more accurate than bench testing
  • Fully documented and certificated process carried out by trained technicians - shown to the right.


How the in-situ relief valve test is carried out

The semi-auto test uses a computer-controlled force that’s set according to each specific valve’s disc area.

Each test accurately measures the set point pressure when the safety relief valve lifts and when it re-seats.

A key safety benefit is that system pressure does not have to be raised to the set point of the relief valve.

Our in-situ kit comes with a key safety feature: a force close system which would close the valve if it went into full lift while on test, thereby addressing the issue and saving the unit from a potential trip.

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