Safety relief valves
A full range of repair and overhaul services

Guarding against a dangerous build-up of pressure, safety relief valves play a critical role and IVS’s repair and overhaul services are designed to ensure they’re always ready to respond.

With regular inspection, testing and maintenance, safety relief valves can have a service life of many decades. Typically, we recommend that overhauls take place every two years or whenever a valve has activated.

Pressure relief valves operate by opening or lifting at a predetermined set pressure. This relieves pressure by releasing process media until system pressure drops to normal operating level, but activation can lead to debris accumulation and damage.

IVS's relief valve repair and overhaul solutions support customers throughout the UK and across multiple industrial sectors, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, power, refining, and chemical.


IVS’s testing, repair and overhaul solutions

At IVS’s workshops, our highly-skilled, trained valve technicians and machinists carry out industrial valve repairs from simple pre-pops and recertifications to major overhauls, including complete rebuilds to customer and OEM specification.

IVS’s full safety relief valve overhaul and repair process consists of the following stages:


Pre pop


Dismantle, clean and inspect


Detailed quality check and report


Lap disc and nozzle machining carried out, if required, to OEM specifications


Assemble to OEM specifications. Replace internals with genuine OEM spares, if required.


Set valve to Cold Differential Test Pressure (CDTP) on either air, nitrogen or water in accordance with BS EN ISO 4126-1:2013


Leak test in accordance with BS EN ISO 4126-1:2013


Valve bolted upright, tagged and certified


Dispatched either with an IVS-designated driver or a courier.

Benefits of IVS’s safety relief valve service:

  • Extended asset life and reduced waste in line with the circular economy
  • Fast turnaround service aimed at supporting customers’ preventative maintenance (PV) programmes and insurance inspection dates.
  • Increased plant reliability and safety levels
  • Reduced costs and downtime
  • Repair and service all makes and models of safety relief valves, including:

We are focused on helping customers align to the circlular economy.

  • ARI Armaturen
  • Birkett
  • BIS
  • Broady
  • Consolidated
  • Crosby
  • Farris
  • Fema
  • Goetze
  • Greswell
  • Hopkinsons
  • Leser
  • Nabic
  • Niezgodka
  • Nupro
  • Sarasin
  • Seetru
  • Spirax Sarco
  • Swagelok
  • Triangle

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