A tailored valve training programme for plant operators


Oil, gas, chemical, power plants and other process industries are under constant pressure to work their plants at maximum design limitations and for longer periods.


To help meet this challenge, IVS have developed a training programme tailored for plant operators. The course can be tailored for any market or process.


Plant Operators are the eyes and ears of any plant. By increasing their valve knowledge, we are ensuring correct understanding, operation and maintenance.


Plant operators are responsible for the operation of critical processes and applications. They are entrusted with fault identification and notifications.


Clients who have been through our training programme have communicated significant plant safety and value-add initiatives identified by providing the operations team with increased knowledge on valve types, construction, installation and operation which has allowed them to make informed, safer decisions when operating critical equipment.


The services we provide our clients add significant value by recycling major assets, reducing waste and downtime. By adding the training programme to our suite of services we have helped increase the awareness throughout the industry.


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