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IVS Ltd are the authorised Farris Engineering product distributor in Wales, UK. Over many years we have established a long-standing relationship with Curtiss Wright and are considered the UK’s leading Farris Experts.

Since the early 1940s, Farris Engineering has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of spring-loaded and pilot-operated pressure relief valves. With over 70 years of proven performance, Farris has provided automatic and positive protection against over-pressure in Process, Steam Safety and Nuclear service, all with a full suite of industry approvals. As an exclusive Farris Representative, IVS Ltd maintains an extensive local inventory of Farris over-pressure relief products to meet our customers’ needs.


Fast Centre

Engineered Solutions

IVS and Farris Fast Centres



Farris Engineering and IVS both understand the need to quickly and efficiently respond to customer needs.


IVS Ltd offers Valve Service and Replacement – FAST Centres offer quick, localized testing and repair of valves, or the prompt installation of new Farris ASME certified valves.


Mobile Repair Units – Available at select FAST Centers.



Farris Engineering recognizes the value of having pressure relief valve experts as close to the customer as possible. This is accomplished through comprehensive training offered at the factory or on-site. FAST Centre sales personnel and technicians are able to provide valuable experience to their customers.


Valve Expertise – Every FAST Centre is technically supported by Farris Engineering, a leader in valve design.


Factory Trained Technicians – FAST technicians go through mandatory training consisting of classroom lecture and hands-on practical instruction on Farris Engineering pressure relief valves, repair procedures and applicable codes and standards. The result is a team of highly skilled technicians capable of handling both routine and complex pressure relief valve requirements around the world.


OEM parts – FAST Centres use only OEM parts, restoring valves to OEM specifications. All valves are assembled and tested to ASME standards.

Engineering Solutions

• Application, sizing & selection support by IVS Ltd Technical Engineering group for one valve or a complete project.


• IVS Ltd use SizeMaster™ engineering software, available for download, to accurately size and select Farris pressure relief valves.


• The program brings unprecedented integration to the task of sizing and selecting pressure relief valves, providing complete model numbers, specification / data sheets and drawings. With SizeMaster software, a scenario matrix allows you to define as few as one or as many as 64 different sizing scenarios with selection of the pressure relief valve being made automatically, based on the required relief area of the worst-case scenario.


• iPRSM®, a patented, web-enabled software for intelligent Pressure Relief System Management. iPRSM provides cost effective management of pressure relief system documentation and assures compliance with regulatory codes and company standards over your facility’s lifecycle.

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